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Carillon. A Concert/Whit Friday Contest March for Brass Band by Stephen C Barnwell. Parts are set in Landscape orientation to faciliate reduction to March Card size for Whit Friday Contests.


After a bold introduction, the Tenor Horns uniquely carry the melody before the Trombones enter halfway through with a majestic counter-melody of their own. It is then the turn of the Cornets to make their statement, entering with a pealing carillon ringing out aloft. The Bass Section next take the lead, with punctuated Cornets and a soaring Horn Section, before a return to the opening themes where the three sections proudly restate their respective melody.

A bold bridge section follows, taking the march into the calmness of a tradional 'Trio'. The mellow sounding Horn Section take the lead once more, before sounding a simple 3-note carillon of their own as the Cornet Section, underpinned by a counter melody in the Bass Section, take up the lead. Mellow tones are then replaced by the granduer of the trombone section, who compliment and compete with the cornet section and a soaring horn section to take the march to a rousing conclusion.


  • Carillon - A Concert/Whit Friday Contest March for Brass Band