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Alcázar (Symphonic Band) by John Richard Durant

“Alcázar” is the name given to a Moorish fortress or palace in Spain and Portugal.


Many of these stunningly beautiful palaces were constructed between the 8th and 15th centuries. Today, some of the most prominent examples can be found in Andalucía.


The inspiration for “Alcázar” came from the music, dance and magical atmosphere of the Flamenco Festival that takes place in the Real Alcázar Palace in Seville. This bi-annual festival lasts for 30-days and is one of the most popular flamenco events in the world.


As a concert work, “Alcázar” has been conceived as a musical journey through the rich history of the Alcázar Palaces and is based on the colourful Spanish harmony and Flamenco rhythm that typifies much of the folk music of Southern Spain.


This setting for Symphonic Band is by the Composer - John Richard Durant.


Score Cover Image: A painting by David Bachmann entitled - "Alcázar Gardens, Seville" For more information about the artist visit:


For more about the composer visit:


Alcázar (Symphonic Band) by John Richard Durant